Reblooming in Lincoln, Nebraska

ceeceeAnother reblooming note from David Lionberger on October 20, 2016.  Thank you David.

This is a photo of Cee Cee which bloomed today. TB, 1996, by Sterling Innerst. It is listed as a rebloomer but this is the first time it has for us. We have had it in our garden for six years or so.

Reblooming in Hallam Nebraska




Thank you to Leslie Rule for letting us know about this rebloomer in her garden and sending the photos.  Blooming October 15th, it is ‘High Ho Silver’ (Monty Beyers, 1989).

You can click on either photo to see a larger version.  Then click on that to see a closeup which shows greater details of the irises.  Great photos!

Watch for Re-bloomers


David Lionberger had this note and photo in the latest Lincoln Iris Society Rainbow Messenger.  Thank you David for sharing this.

Much to my surprise, as I was working in our iris beds, I
noticed there were bloom stalks on Peach Jam. Gary White
gave us this 1989 Ensminger tall bearded iris about four years
ago. It has performed well in previous years but had never
re-bloomed before. There are two large stalks with several
buds each. May blossoms have competition for September
blossoms on this one!

First Blooms 2016

IrisReticulata-March-30-2016This year our first iris bloom was much earlier, because of adding Iris reticulata bulbs last fall.  Today (March 30th) one was in bloom and two others have color visible at our central Iowa location.

Last year we did a series reporting when and where particular irises began blooming because we thought it could be helpful to have information on when irises are blooming in the Region in more or less real time.  So that you, your friends and neighbors, and visitors will know when to see the irises.  When/where to see the early irises.  When is the peak bloom time in your garden this year?  When is the best time to see public displays in our Region this year?

We would like to continue it this year for the same reasons and to see if having more years of observations helps to better understand when irises will be blooming.  Do you have some bloom observations we can add to the list?  You can either leave them as a comment or email the webmaster to have them added.  Thank you.

Where’s In Bloom – Lincoln, Nebraska

Thank you to Dottie Ladman for her final bearded iris blooms report for 2015.

Final installment–my final four varieties opened on the same day, probably because we finally got warm enough and got some sun.  The cool spring has really prolonged my iris bloom this year!  The spurias are yet to come.


May 28—Babbling Brook, Pansy Patch, Live Music, City of Lincoln

Where’s In Bloom – Lincoln, Nebraska

Thank you to Dottie Ladman for another bloom time update.  She’s still waiting on three or four more.

May 18—Accent, Amenti, Chivalry, Melody, Tropical Butterfly, Beverly Ann, Dorothea K. Williamson
May 19—Golden Encore, California Gold,
May 21—Great Lakes, Cayenne Capers, Ramses
May 22—Dominion, Pink Bountiful, Sonja’s Selah, i. pseudacorus (yellow)
May 23—Before the Storm, Ola Kala
May 25—Flora Zenor

Where’s In Bloom – Lincoln, Nebraska

Thank you again to Dottie Ladman for continuing observations from Lincoln.

It was a busy week for the iris!  They bloomed despite the rain and hail.  Here’s my list for the week.  I’ll continue to add to the list next weekend.

May 11–Faustine, Pink Opal, Spanish Peaks, Port Wine
May 12–Jungle Shadows
May 13–Batik, Matterhorn, Age of Innocence (Clinefelter), Glow On, Ebony Queen
May 14–Blue Sapphire, Indian Chief
May 15–Broadway Star
May 16–Moonlit Sea, Henna Stitches, Space Lab, Pinnacle, Dotted Swiss, Landscaping Made Easy,
May 17–Beverly Sills,Indian Hills, Techny Chimes, Latigo, Wabash, Licorice Stick, Blue Shimmer

Where’s In Bloom – Omaha, Nebraska

Thank you to Linda Wilkie for an update from her garden in Omaha, Nebraska for the weeks of April 27 – May 6th  :

SDBs: Artful, Cat’s Eye, Comeback Trail, Gimlet Jewel, Gingerbread Man, Honey Cat, Irish Chant, Little Blackfoot, Orange Tiger, Overcast, Pitter Patter, Ruby Locket, Sapphire Gem, Solar Gleam, Sun Doll, Tantara, Ultimate, What Again, Wow

MDBs: Libation

IBs:  Az Ap, Butter Pecan, Black Magic, Blue Eyed Blond, Constant CompanionHula Hands, Lemon Pop, Maui Moonlight, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Rare Edition, Raspberry Blush, Sangreal, Voila, Wampum

TBs:  Blue Sapphire, Champagne Elegance, Ebony Queen, Imperial Blush (not confirmed), Rosalie Figge

Constant Companion was in bloom a full 22 days in my garden and it is a re-bloomer to boot, often beginning its next cycle of bloom in late July!  If you don’t grow this particular little iris it is a good reblooming choice for our area, look for it at your local AIS affiliate’s sale this summer.  Tall Bearded iris are throwing up stalks all over the garden so it looks like we will be right on track for peak bloom around the third week of May.


Where’s In Bloom – Lincoln, Nebraska

Thank you to Dottie Ladman for more observations from Lincoln, Nebraska.

April 19–Jillaroo, Stitch Witch
April 23–Honey Cat
April 24–Constant Companion
April 25–VaVoom, Cat’s Eye, Comeback Trail
April 26–Baby Blessed
April 30–Doxa
May 1–Apricot Fancy
May 2–Spanish Empire, i. germanica, L. Merton Gage, Golden Bow
May 3–Florentina, Maui Moonlight
May 4–Queen Dorothy, Honey Glazed
May 5–Pink Latte, Blue-Eyed Blonde
May 6–Buto, Coronation
May 8–Gracchus, Ming
May 10–Sable, Dragon’s Tooth, Golden Rial, Abelard