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Thank you to Linda Rader, newsletter editor for LIS and author of this, for her comments and for her permission to share it on our website.

The American Iris Society
News & Notes
If you are a member of the American Iris Society,
you already receive Irises, the quarterly publication of AIS. But did you know that AIS has launched News & Notes, a monthly email newsletter to keep members up to date on the latest happenings in the iris world?
News & Notes is not meant to replace Irises, but to expand the capabilities for sharing iris information in ways that did not exist until recently. In the digital world, information moves fast and we need to keep up with that. The email newsletter is the perfect place to present the latest
happenings, as well as short reminders about upcoming
events, deadlines and other items that don’t require full
That said, in my opinion, the absolute BEST feature
of AIS News & Notes is it’s ability to be a
portal to All Things Iris. There are several topics
in every newsletter and each one contains links to
send you off somewhere for further information. If
you check out the example entry in the next column
there are four links, one to Nebraska’s own
Sass Memorial Iris Garden.
Wayne Messer, also the webmaster of our Region
21 site ( and Robert Pries,
mastermind behind the AIS Encyclopedia are the
editors of News and Notes. In Notes they do an
excellent job of keeping readers abreast of what is
current in the iris world, as well as leading us to
specific resources available in the ever-expanding
iris encyclopedia, as well as other sites of interest.
If you are an AIS member and wish to receive the
News & Notes email newsletter, contact either
Wayne Messer at or
Robert Pries at
You do not need to have an electronic membership
subscription in AIS, only be a regular member of
A great reason to join AIS, don’t you think?


More Reblooming in Region 21

The latest Greater Omaha Iris Society newsletter also has some reblooming notes.  Thanks to Linda Wilke for these items.

Reports are streaming in from all around the region. ‘Best Bet’ was reblooming in Scottsbluff back in August. ‘Barn Dance’ was blooming in Southwest Omaha. There have been numerous reblooming plicata sightings. While there are no signs of stalks, yet, in my gardens it is only a manner of time before my faithful rebloomers start in. What fun the fall show is, I’m always grateful for those perky blooms seemingly popping up overnight.

Last year I was intrigued by an article in the AIS bulletin written by a California hybridizer of reblooming iris. What caught my eye was less the content and more the photograph that showed a line of iris all sporting long tube socks!

Hmm, I thought, would it work in Nebraska where our cold snaps are much more severe? I’m pleased to report that yes, it did. I was able to save blooms well into November with ‘Lady Emma’ making a beautiful fall arrangement mixed with gold chrysanthemums for the Thanksgiving table.

The complete items in the newsletter can be seen from our Newsletter page.  Just follow the 2013 33 Number 7 link to download or open the PDF of the newsletter.

You probably know there is a Section of AIS focusing on reblooming irises.  The Reblooming Iris Society website can be found here.