Where’s In Bloom – Lincoln, Nebraska

Thank you again to Dottie Ladman for continuing observations from Lincoln.

It was a busy week for the iris!  They bloomed despite the rain and hail.  Here’s my list for the week.  I’ll continue to add to the list next weekend.

May 11–Faustine, Pink Opal, Spanish Peaks, Port Wine
May 12–Jungle Shadows
May 13–Batik, Matterhorn, Age of Innocence (Clinefelter), Glow On, Ebony Queen
May 14–Blue Sapphire, Indian Chief
May 15–Broadway Star
May 16–Moonlit Sea, Henna Stitches, Space Lab, Pinnacle, Dotted Swiss, Landscaping Made Easy,
May 17–Beverly Sills,Indian Hills, Techny Chimes, Latigo, Wabash, Licorice Stick, Blue Shimmer


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