Where’s In Bloom – Omaha, Nebraska

Thank you to Linda Wilkie for an update from her garden in Omaha, Nebraska for the weeks of April 27 – May 6th  :

SDBs: Artful, Cat’s Eye, Comeback Trail, Gimlet Jewel, Gingerbread Man, Honey Cat, Irish Chant, Little Blackfoot, Orange Tiger, Overcast, Pitter Patter, Ruby Locket, Sapphire Gem, Solar Gleam, Sun Doll, Tantara, Ultimate, What Again, Wow

MDBs: Libation

IBs:  Az Ap, Butter Pecan, Black Magic, Blue Eyed Blond, Constant CompanionHula Hands, Lemon Pop, Maui Moonlight, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Rare Edition, Raspberry Blush, Sangreal, Voila, Wampum

TBs:  Blue Sapphire, Champagne Elegance, Ebony Queen, Imperial Blush (not confirmed), Rosalie Figge

Constant Companion was in bloom a full 22 days in my garden and it is a re-bloomer to boot, often beginning its next cycle of bloom in late July!  If you don’t grow this particular little iris it is a good reblooming choice for our area, look for it at your local AIS affiliate’s sale this summer.  Tall Bearded iris are throwing up stalks all over the garden so it looks like we will be right on track for peak bloom around the third week of May.



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