Judges Corner

Contact the Region 21 Judges Training Chair:  Wayne Messer, PO Box 64, Huxley, IA 50124 phone: (515) 597-4240 | e-mail: wrmesser@gmail.com to learn more  about becoming a judge.

The Handbook for Judges and Show Officials is the reference that all judges and aspiring judges need to have.  Learn more about it and judging on the AIS website Judges page.

PDFs of the following resources are available for Judges or students

The above forms come from the RVP Handbook which is available online.

Many of the National, Regional, and Affiliate Meetings include Judges Training.  See our Upcoming Events page for these meetings.


2 thoughts on “Judges Corner

  1. We have approved a mock show of medians. Do not recall the date but will be held at Goodwill site. Would like a training session to. Can we please work on this Carolyn? Dates are May 19th. Thinking of charging a $10 fee to cover box lunch and we would provide beverages. Thank you


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