First Blooms 2017

Again this year the first blooms in our central Iowa garden belong to Iris reticulata, a bulbous iris.  There were 5 blooms open today (March 27th).  In 2016 the first bloom we saw was on March 31st.

The last two years we did a series reporting when and where particular irises began blooming because we thought it could be helpful to have information on when irises are blooming in the Region in more or less real time.  So that you, your friends and neighbors, and visitors will know when to see the irises.  When/where to see the early irises.  When is the peak bloom time in your garden this year?  When is the best time to see public displays in our Region this year?

We would like to continue it this year for the same reasons and to see if having more years of observations helps to better understand when irises will be blooming.  Do you have some bloom observations we can add to the list?  You can either leave them as a comment or email the webmaster to have them added.  Thank you.