First 2018 Rebloom Report from Region 21

Ray Jones

‘Ray Jones’

This year’s first rebloom report comes from Kris Jurik.  She sent this photo of ‘Ray Jones’ blooming in her garden on September 13, 2018.  A SDB by Donald Spoon (2011); you can learn more (and see more photos) from its Iris Encyclopedia entry.  Thank you Kris!

At the same time, Kris has bloomstalks developed on ‘Again And Again’ (Innerest, 1999).

Do you have irises reblooming in your garden?  Please let me know so we can get them on the Region 21 website and submit the observations to the Reblooming Iris Society.  And if you have reblooms in other gardens to report, public or private, please include them.  Contact: Thank you for your help!


What Reblooms for YOU?

Jenny Cich of the Lincoln Iris Society has a great item with that title in the September 2017 issue of the LIS Rainbow Messenger, their newsletter.  She would like to make a submission to the Reblooming Iris Society on behalf of LIS of irises that rebloom in their zone (5).  She includes a list of the tall bearded irises reported by RIS to rebloom in zone 5 or lower which is very interesting.  Can you help her?  See the details in the newsletter(PDF).

First 2017 Reblooms in Region 21

The first reported rebloom in Region 21 this year comes from Linda Wilkie who received a report of ‘Immortality’ blooming in a midtown Omaha garden this week.  Coincidentally or not, the Greater Omaha Iris Society meeting topic this coming Monday, September 11th, is Reblooming Iris.  Location and further details can be found on their website.

Our first bloom stalk came up last week and we are waiting for it to open.  It is ‘Oxmoor Hills’ by James Ennenga.  What is blooming or preparing to bloom in your garden?

“Rescued” Rebloomer


With our cold weather coming, two irises each had two stalks up and no blooms open or opening.  A stalk from each was cut on November 19th and put inside in water.  Finally on November 30th the one opened.  ‘Mariposa Autumn’  is TB by Tasco (1999) which is listed as a rebloomer.  Ours was planted 4 years ago and as far as I know has not rebloomed before.  Does this count as reblooming?


Reblooming Guest Convention Irises


One of the bonuses to being a host garden is seeing guest irises rebloom.  Several different guest irises rebloomed in one or more gardens.  You can see a summary including several photos of what was observed in the central Iowa host gardens as they prepare for next year’s AIS Convention “Rhythm of the Prairie” May 23-27, 2017.  Check out the other details of the Convention while you are on their website.

Another Reblooming Report from Lincoln, Nebraska

Thank you to Eunice Cernohlavek for this November 10, 2016 report and photos from November 4th and 5th. You can click on the photos to see a larger version.

Sightings at Bentfork Gardens by Eunice Cernohlavek

This last week I was taking pictures of reblooming iris at Gary and Linda’s gardens. Here are pictures of two.

Two tall bearded varieties really put on quite a show. Daughter of Stars by Donald Spoon 2000 is a rebloomer and received the Award of Merit in 2005 and Wister medal in 2007. It had 1 stalk with 2 blooms, 2 buds and another stalk with 1 bud. The other TB is Aunt Mary, a 2000 introduction by Tim Stanek. It is not a rebloomer, but indicates it’s a late bloom, but this is really late!! It had 3 open blooms, 3 buds, and 6 spent blooms.

And Rosalie Figge has a bud stalk showing color as of this week also.

Among the other plants blooming in the garden are various clematis, and roses. Do these plants know that winter is coming?