Allan Ensminger Iris Photos Needed


Allan Ensminger of Lincoln, Nebraska, a Region 21 hybridizer, was known for his work on variegated, broken color irises. Among these was the 1992 Knowlton Medal winner ‘Batik’ and the IB ‘Hubbub’. In 2007 he won the Bennett C. Jones Award for Outstanding Median Hybridizing from the Median Iris Society. Other awards include the AIS Distinguished Service Medal in 1983 and the AIS Hybridizer Award in 1994.

You can see photos of his irises in the Iris Encyclopedia starting with this page. That is of many of them; there are a considerable number that do not have photos. To help remedy that, this is a page listing his irises that need photos.

Can you help provide photos? You can either add them to the appropriate page in the Iris Encyclopedia or contact me and I will be glad to add them. Wayne Messer .

Thank you!


‘Miss Region Twenty-One’

This is a SDB by Allan Ensminger , of Region 21, that I recently noticed in the Iris Encyclopedia. This is the information about ‘Miss Region Twenty-One’.  Unfortunately,  there is no photo available for this iris.  Does anyone have a photo we can add?  Also, any other information, such as how the name was chosen, would be useful.  Does anyone have this iris in their garden?

‘Peach Royale’ by Meininger Featured in World Of Irises

The AIS World of Irises blog has an entry by Renee Fraser Personal Favorites: Tall Bearded Iris ‘Peach Royale’.  ‘Peach Royale’ is a TB by Region 21’s LeRoy Meininger registered in 1999.  Renee has a number of photos showing it by itself and in her garden.  You can also learn more about it and see additional photos in the Iris Encyclopedia here.  Congratulations to LeRoy!

Region 21 Members in the AIS Photo Contest

'Loreley' by Eunice Cernohlavek

‘Loreley’ by Eunice Cernohlavek


'Silk Run' in Duo by Stan Sass

‘Silk Run’ in Duo by Stan Sass

Two of our Region’s members received Honorable Mentions for their AIS 2014 Photo Contest entries.  These were Eunice Cernohlavek from the Lincoln Iris Society for “Loreley” in the Landscape Division and Stan Sass from the Greater Omaha Iris Society for “Silk Run in Duo” in the Close-Up Division.

Congratulations to both of them!

And thank you to Linda Wilkie for including this in the GOIS newsletter (34 Number 6) where I learned about it.  You can see the newsletter on our Newsletter page.

Conventions Presentation – Lincoln Iris Society Sept. 30, 2013

Siberian iris - Painted Woman by Marty Schafer and Jan Sacks in 2007If you weren’t able to attend the national iris conventions this year, not to worry. You still have a chance to see the irises.  Gary White was there for all three conventions (American Iris Society, Society for Louisiana Irises in Dallas, TX and Society for Siberian Irises in central Michigan) and will be presenting a talk, complete with photos, to the Lincoln Iris Society on Monday evening, September 30, 2013.  Growing Lousiana iris - Red Velvet Elvis by Kevin Vaughn in 1997Siberians and Louisianas is a challenge here on the prairies, so it’s great to see them in gardens in other parts of the country.  For more information on the talk and directions send a note to

The upper photo is a Siberian iris, ‘Painted Woman’ (Marty Schafer, Jan Sacks, 2007).  The lower photo is the Louisiana iris, ‘Red Velvet Elvis’ (Kevin Vaughn, 1997).

Request for Roland Philippi Iris Pictures

Kim Philippi is looking for pictures of her late father‘s irises.  She left a request in the comments on our website:

“I am Roland Philippi’s daughter. I would like to find pix of my Dad’s iris’ if any are out there. I am getting a Memorial tattoo, so clear photos would be best. Thanks to anyone who helps.”

Her email address is

If anyone has any pictures or suggestions, please contact her directly.

Thanks for your help.

First 2013 Bloom

The same irises as last year were first to bloom this year.  Except last year it was April 2nd and this year it was May 11th.  These median irises (which I need to identify) are on the South side of the house here in central Iowa.  Just a week ago they were in snow!

Hope you all have lots of lovely iris photos next week at the meeting!