Another Central Iowa Rebloomer


Kris Jurik has another rebloomer in her garden.  This is ‘Clarence’ by Zurbrigg (1991) in a November 2, 2016 photo.  This rebloomer was a Wister Medal winner in 2000.

More Reblooming in Lincoln, Nebraska


Thank you to Linda Rader for this note and photo on October 26, 2016.
Reblooming in our garden today is Aunt Mary.  There are two stalks with 10 buds.  Not all will mature, but there are three flowers looking good.  Aunt Mary is a TB, 2000 by Tim Stanek, a Region 21 resident.

Watch for Re-bloomers


David Lionberger had this note and photo in the latest Lincoln Iris Society Rainbow Messenger.  Thank you David for sharing this.

Much to my surprise, as I was working in our iris beds, I
noticed there were bloom stalks on Peach Jam. Gary White
gave us this 1989 Ensminger tall bearded iris about four years
ago. It has performed well in previous years but had never
re-bloomed before. There are two large stalks with several
buds each. May blossoms have competition for September
blossoms on this one!

More Reblooming in Region 21

Oxmoor_Hills_2016A second iris rebloomed here in August; ‘Oxmoor Hills’ opened August 29th in central Iowa.  This is the second year this James Ennenga (2004) iris has bloomed super early.  It so far has 4 stalks in a second year clump.

The other iris continuing to rebloom is ‘Rust Never Sleeps’ by Larry Lauer (2013) which is a guest iris for the 2017 AIS Convention.  There have been blooms open everyday except one or two since August 14th.  Still one open today, September 3rd.

How are the reblooms in your garden this year?  Let us know so we can add them to our website.