Upcoming Events – 2013-2014

Upcoming meetings include the 2013 and the 2014 AIS Conventions – both in Dallas.  At the Region 21 Fall 2012 meeting, Dell Perry, one of our speakers,  described the gardens convention goers will be able to visit in 2013.  Dates for the 2013 Convention are April 15 – 20.  See also the AIS 2013 Convention page for additional details.  This is immediately followed (April 21 – 23) by the Society for Louisiana Irises 2013 National Convention at the same location.  The Iris Society of Dallas is hosting all three of these meetings.

Locations for the upcoming Region 21 meetings are:

  • Spring 2013 – Sioux City, Iowa
  • Fall 2013     – Omaha, Nebraska
  • Spring 2014 – Lincoln, Nebraska

Dates and further details to follow.


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