American Iris Society Websites to Check

The American Iris Society has several types of websites with great information on irises!  I’m aware of four that you should check.

  • The main website for learning about The American Iris Society has the Society information and links to the other parts.  Whether you are a new iris lover, a potential member, a new member, or a long-time member, this can direct you to helpful information.
  • The Iris Encyclopedia is a work in progress that you can help with!  The largest portion will have all the irises registered by AIS.  Right now it has 75% entered, the majority with one or more photos.  Other topics include iris people, iris shows, awards, and cultivation.  It is a wiki that you can edit (think Wikipedia) and add your observations to.
  • The World of Iris is a blog covering iris topics.  Several authors cover iris news and people, both recent and historic, with lots of great pictures.
  • There is also a Facebook page for The American Iris Society.  It has pointers to some of the items on the other sites as well as iris pictures to enjoy.  Facebook members can also add their comments.

This time of year, when, at least in Region 21, we are unable to garden, is a great time to check these out.


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