GOIS Iris Sale – July 25, 2014

The Greater Omaha Iris Society Iris Sale is Friday, July 25th at St. Andrew Church.  We will meet at 11:00 AM to set up for the Rhizome Sale. Meet at St. Andrews Church to help set up for the sale. Lunch will be provided.

Then from 2:00—8:00 PM is the Annual Rhizome Sale. Members are needed to answer questions, check out customers, and help take down the sale.

Please consider donating iris from your garden. GOIS offers sales credit for all donations. Rhizomes must be cleaned, trimmed, and named varieties. Contact Linda Wilkie if you have iris you can donate so that sale tags can be prepared.

Remember this is our primary fundraiser for the year and proceeds from the sale fund all
of our activities including maintenance of our display garden! Your help is important to
our success and very much appreciated.


Iowa Irisarian’s Garden Clumps Featured on World of Irises

The AIS blog World of Irises has an entry by Renee Fraser of Aruba’s Eye-Popping Clump Shots.  These are clump shots of irises by Brad Collins from his garden in Iowa.  Congratulations to Brad and be sure to see his photos!

Reblooming in Region 21

Thanks to Linda Rader (LIS) for this note.

Reblooming irises are a pleasant addition to the autumn garden, if you can get them to rebloom.  We’ve had only minimal success in the past.  Stalks shoot up in late September; but, cool nights stall the blooming process and the buds just sit there.  A frequent exception to this is Connell Marsh’s ‘Constant Companion‘, an intermediate bearded iris, about 18″ tall, introduced in 1995 by the Marsh’s  garden, Iristocrat Acres.  This year in our garden it has a stalk with two branches, a spur and seven buds!  A very welcome surprise!

AIS 2013 Iris Award Winners Announced

That's All FolksEach year the judges of the American Iris Society vote for the top irises based on the irises performance in gardens.  The 2013 winners have just been announced!

Beginning with the Dykes Medal Winner‘That’s All Folks’  by William Maryott, a list of the winners and all the votes can be seen on this Iris Encyclopedia page.  In addition to the Iris Medal Winners for all 15 classes, the list also has the Walther Cup (where all classes are eligible) and has the Honorable Mention and Award of Merit irises in each class.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Region 21 Notes:  The Walther Cup went to the Siberian iris ‘Judy, Judy, Judy’ and the Morgan-Wood Medal for best Siberian iris went to ‘Swans In Flight’ both by Bob Hollingworth who we just heard speak on Siberian Irises at our Fall Meeting in Omaha!  Also, if you did not receive the AIS Newsletter News & Notes announcing these winners, please let me know (wrmesser@gmail.com).

Lincoln Iris Society Annual Iris Rhizome Sale and Auction—August 3rd, 2013

Sale FlyerIf you are in the Lincoln area this weekend, stop by the LIS annual iris rhizome sale and auction between 10AM and 4PM.  The sale will be located at St. Andrews Lutheran Church at 1015 Lancaster Lane in Lincoln, Nebraska.  This is a new location for the sale, second year at this site.  Directions to the sale are from 70th and Vine St, then 4 blocks east on Vine, take 1st left past the school, onto E. Avon.  Church is on the left.

This year, there will be a very large sale of a huge selection of cultivars.  Included will be a large number of historic iris rhizomes, especially Sass irises.  Lots of other newer irises will be available, including Dykes Medal winners and a number of Allan Ensminger hybridized irises.  Expect to find irises from most of the bearded iris classes including Standard Dwarfs, Intermediate, Miniature Tall, Border, and Tall Bearded irises.  Every year there are some interesting surprises on the sale tables and that will undoubtedly happen again this year.  In addition to bearded irises, there may well be Siberian irises for sale.  And, there will be a limited number of Daylilies for sale, usually cultivars that are not found at local commercial outlets.

An auction of newer cultivars, primarily Tall Beardeds and mostly 2012 and 2013 introductions, will take place at 11 AM.  Most of the auction irises this year come from Superstition Gardens (Rick Tasco and Roger Duncan) in California and from Mid-America Garden (Paul Black and Thomas Johnson) in Salem, Oregon, though there are a few late model introductions from other hybridizers as well.

Finally, there will be demonstrations on dividing and planting bearded irises.  Information about growing irises, the Lincoln Iris Society, Region 21, the American Iris Society, the Historic Iris Preservation Society and other iris Sections will also be available.

For more information about the sale, contact Gary White at (402) 421-6394 or (402) 432-1550.

Vote for Your Favorite Tall Bearded Irises

Every year the American Iris Society members vote for the 100 Most Popular Tall Bearded Irises.  This years voting is now underway with 600 Tall Bearded irises on the ballot for you to chose your favorite 25 (or fewer).  These irises were selected from the following:

The 100 top varieties in last year’s Symposium
The tall bearded irises eligible for 2013 Dykes Medal
The tall bearded irises eligible for 2013 Wister Medal
The tall bearded irises eligible for 2013 Awards of Merit
The tall bearded irises that won 2012 Awards of Merit
The tall bearded irises that won 2012 Honorable Mentions

Ballots and instructions are available on this page.  Your selections need to be to our RVP by September 1st, either by email or regular mail.