Region 21 Grower in the News

CichGarden2014An article about Mark and Jenny Cich’s iris garden recently appeared in The Ashland Gazette.  This has been a great year to view, and order, irises in their garden.  You can see the article here.  Learn more about their gardens, Hello Gorgeous Gardens, on its Facebook page.

They were also one of the six tour gardens in the 2014 Spring Region 21 Tour that the Lincoln Iris Society hosted.  The above photo is from that tour.  That was another good year for seeing their garden.


1 thought on “Region 21 Grower in the News

  1. Thanks for sharing the article. We had a great bloom this spring and are gearing up to dig orders in the next week and are preparing for 5 weeks of vending at the Old Cheney Road Farmers’ Market. I’d love to hear stories of other iris gardeners whose hobby got out of control like ours did!


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