Check Out the Region 21 Library

Region 21 Library HoldingsOne of the iris resources you should be aware of and use is the Region 21 Library.  There are a variety of Iris books, AIS and Region 21 Bulletins, Median Iris Society Bulletins, and several iris tapes.  The photo at the left shows our holdings as of a few years ago.  (If you would like a print of this, here is the Region21Library PDF.)  Our most recent acquisition is the Kelly Norris book A Guide to Bearded Irises: Cultivating the Rainbow for Beginners and Enthusiasts

[Update February 20, 2017:  You can find the Region 21 Library updated holdings on the Resources page.  Contact information to check out items is now Wayne Messer, or see Issue 148 Region 21 Bulletin for additional contact information.]

Note that the Region pays for the shipping of these items.